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As a part of Humanities Korea project supported by the Korea Research Foundation, Trans-Humanities is published by Ewha Institute for the Humanities at Ewha Womans University which is carrying out research and projects to establish and spread 'trans-boundary humanities. Founded on August 15, 2008, it publishes 3 volumes annually (English journal: Feb, 28th, Korean journal: June 30, Oct, 31st). By recording the traces of research and discussion which realize the spirit of 'trans-boundary humanities,' it aims to contribute in vitalizing a humanities spirit which communicates and creates together, overcoming the boundaries of institution, culture, geography, media, and disciplines. Trans-Humanities aims to be a journal of the following characteristics.

① A humanities-based analysis of trans-boundary socio-cultural phenomena that are occurring in the 21st century.
② Research that proposes practical methods to solve the problem of boundaries that cause conflict and discord.
③ A trans-boundary perspective towards traditional themes of humanities.
④ An attempt to transcend perspective or methodology of a certain academic field.
2016 NO.24
2016 NO.23
2015 NO.22
2015 NO.21
2015 NO.20
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